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Margarita & Slushies FAQ's
  • How many people will our margarita machine serve?  Our frozen drink machines will serve up to 6 gallons of beverages at one time.  This is enough for 48 people at 2 drinks per person. If you refill the machine, you can serve more.

  • Do I need to clean the machine when my party is over?  No, let us clean the machine for you.  You should just enjoy the party.

  • Who makes the first batch of mix?  A Let's Party Rentals represenative sets-up the machine and your first batch of mixes for you!

  • Do you provide alcohol?  No, we will provide the mixes, and you can add alcohol if you like.  Let's Party Rentals will never provide alcohol.

  • Can the mixes be made without alcohol?  Yes, most of the mixes we provide can be made without alcohol.

  • Do I need to provide anything?  Yes, you will provide electricity, water, and alcohol, if desired.

  • How long does the first batch take to freeze?   The first batch of mix can take up to one hour and 45 miniutes depending on the outside temperature.   You can speed up the  freeze time by keeping the machine out of the direct sun and indoors, also having all your ingredients ice cold helps speed up the freeze time.

  • Can I use my own mixes?  No, our mixes are specialy formulated and will provide the best results.  

  • Other questions? Great, email us at:

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